Your Dating Life can Impact your Child Custody Battle

Generally, child custody battles are associated with many facets and complex details. During child custody disputes, you should focus on figuring out a good plan for your kid’s life, while trying to keep stress associated with divorce low. As you, your spouse, and the court try to establish child custody and to create parenting time for the kids, you may be tempted to think that the court’s ruling will be based on what happened in the past.

In most cases, what happened during your marriage may not be the only thing that would affect your child custody battle. Note that your current and past dating history may have a significant impact on the court proceedings. In different ways, it’s not the dating that could affect your case, but the results from it. Here is how your dating life could impact your child custody case.

1. Does your current relationship or dating history make you speak negatively about your spouse?

Generally, a new relationship is more doubtless to draw you off from the opposite parent. However, this should not cause you to begin oral communication unhealthy things regarding your adult. Constantly showing negativity and anger towards the alternative parent can create your child expertise anxiety and confusion as a results of your gall towards your adult.

Focus on showing the judge that you simply shall promote the kid’s best interest. This might mean encouraging the existing relationship between your kid and your ex-partner. Being in a relationship that leads you to hate and resent the opposite parent could cause you to lose your kid judicial proceeding.

2. Has your dating history impacted your ability to take care of your kid?

If you and your ex-spouse started distancing from each other in the years or months leading up to the divorce, the chances are that you may have already begun seeing someone else. If this new relationship impacted your ability to offer proper care for your kid, this could prevent you from winning the child custody case.

Remember, the parent associated with the most involvement in the kid’s daily life normally has the advantage of getting the custody of the child. If your current or past dating life has prevented you from being involved in crucial activities of the child such as school functions, sports, reading, homework, and more, that could make you lose your case.

3. Do you exhibit a lack of self-control?

As much as you and your current partner recent and have negative feelings towards your adult as you’re employed through a divorce, it is important for you to exercise self-control. Any instance of anger outburst or violent act could be command against you in court. Besides, anything unfriendly, right from email exchanges with your ex-spouse to heated arguments between you and therefore the kid’s teacher are evaluated as a mirrored image of your temperament.

Though your dating life may not have a direct impact on your child custody case, the court will always look out for the best interest of the kid.

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