What is WHM on VPS?

Are you familiar with the concept of VPS hosting? If so, you’ve also heard of WHM. But if you’re new to VPS then you may be unfamiliar with WHM. Fear not, as we’re about to take you on a journey to discover the wonders of WHM on VPS. 

This is an article guiding you to understanding the ins and outs of WHM and also, how it works on VPS. We will also discuss why it’s essential to manage your hosting environment. So, sit tight and prepare to expand your knowledge about WHM on VPS!

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Understanding VPS

VPSs are the daring heroes of hosting, offering advanced capabilities and flexibility. A VPS is simply a virtual machine operating within another physical server but configured. With it, you have complete control over its resources. 

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The chief advantage of VPS hosting is that you have full control over your operating environment. Includes your operating system, security settings, and software applications. This level of customization makes VPS ideal for businesses or individuals.

Another advantage of VPS hosting is its scalability. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to quickly scale resources up or down as needed. This means you can handle sudden spikes in demand without downtime or delay. 

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Regarding VPS hosting, there are two primary categories: managed and unmanaged. Managed VPS hosting involves the hosting provider caring for servers, software, and security. While unmanaged requires you to manage these tasks yourself.

Understanding WHM 

VPS hosting is the hero, while WHM (Web Host Manager) is its sidekick that keeps everything running smoothly. 

WHM is an impressive control panel. That lets you manage multiple websites and hosting accounts from one convenient interface. With WHM, you can access server settings, email accounts, and everything else!

WHM is primarily used to manage the hosting environment. That includes creating and managing accounts and setting up and configuring servers. It allows you to monitor server performance and check bandwidth usage, backups, and restorations.

WHM also provides security management capabilities. That will allow you to configure security settings, install firewalls and manage SSL. with WHM, you can create user accounts with various access levels. So sensitive information remains private only for those who require it.

WHM on VPS offers numerous advantages. It also allows you to monitor server performance so that your websites remain up and running efficiently. 

WHM allows for resource allocation as needed and scaling up or down as needed depending on changes in traffic or demand. WHM should be considered an essential tool for anyone wanting the most from their VPS hosting environment.

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Features of WHM on VPS

WHM, WHM’s features designed for ease of management in VPS hosting environments, make life simpler. It has a user-friendly interface, which enables nontechnical individuals to operate their server and hosting accounts with confidence.

One of the critical features of WHM is its multi-level access control. This enables you to create and manage user accounts with various access levels. 

It protects sensitive information while only granting it to those who need it. This feature becomes especially important if managing multiple websites or hosting accounts.

WHM offers server management tools and features to guarantee your server runs optimally. From configuring server settings and managing firewall rules, WHM gives you complete control.

Backup and restoration is another essential feature of WHM, enabling you to set regular backups of your data and settings. It will guarantee you that your information remains safe and secure so you can also be quickly restored in case of loss or server malfunctioning.

Resource allocation and monitoring is a fundamental features of WHM on VPS. It will allow you to monitor your server resources like CPU usage and disk space. With this data, you can allocate resources efficiently so your server performs at peak performance.

WHM vs cPanel

When it comes to managing your hosting environment, both WHM and cPanel offer powerful tools and features. Generally speaking, there are also a few crucial distinctions between both.

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WHM is tailored toward server administrators and provides tools for managing the environment. cPanel caters more to end-users by offering an intuitive interface for managing individual hosting accounts such as file management, email accounts, and database administration.

Another critical distinction between WHM and cPanel is the level of access and control they offer. WHM offers multi-level permissions with different levels for different users. While cPanel provides more limited controls for individual hosting accounts.

WHM provides more advanced features for configuring server settings and managing resources. That makes it ideal for larger hosting environments. cPanel caters more to individual website owners by offering a simplified interface. It manages both its website and hosting account.

Your choice between WHM and cPanel depends on your individual needs and requirements. If you’re managing a large hosting environment with multiple websites and accounts, WHM may be the better option. 

If you’re an individual website owner seeking simplicity in managing their website and hosting, cPanel may be preferable.

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How to Use WHM on VPS?

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WHM on your VPS effectively manages and controls your hosting environment, saving time and effort in the long run. 

Step 1: Logging into your VPS account using your login credentials

Step 2: Navigate to your control panel and locate the WHM icon. Click on it to launch WHM.

Step 3: Once in WHM, you’ll have access to various options and tools. Its primary functions include creating hosting accounts, configuring email accounts, and managing server resources. You can also monitor your server performance.

You can select “Account Functions” and “Create a New Account” and, when finished, you will be asked to provide the relevant information, like the domain, username, and password.

Step 4: WHM offers more advanced features such. These tasks require some technical proficiency and advanced knowledge of WHM.

For example, navigate to the “Server Configuration” tab to configure server settings and select your desired option. From there, you can modify server properties like hostname and network settings as needed.

Step 5: It is essential to regularly monitor your server performance and guarantee that resources are allocated appropriately. WHM offers a range of tools and features, such as resource usage reporting, server logs, and server status.

The Bottom Line,

WHM is an invaluable tool for managing your VPS hosting environment. Its offers feature and functions are designed to make managing the service simpler. 

Though WHM may appear complex at first look, actually user-friendly and intuitive. 

No matter the size or scope of your hosting environment, WHM can give you control and make everything run seamlessly. So if you need an effective yet user-friendly way to manage VPS hosting, look no further than WHM!

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