The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

There are billions of users online in this day and age of modern advancement in technology. The number of offline users has decreased significantly. Digital marketing in short means absolutely any type of marketing done online. Whether you run a Custom Logo Design franchise or put up an ad online for music classes, all are in the form of digital marketing today. As part of digital marketing today, it is essential that we know our audience and what the larger part of active users online are opting for as their day to day internet surfing routine, and use that as our strategic target in digital marketing. But the question still lies with what is digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is just the fancy word used for online or offline advertisements made and promoted through different digital modes (channels) such as social media, emails, web applications, mobile applications, websites, search engines and much more to connect with a targeted amount of active online users. Digital marketing also refers to the marketing of products and other electronic devices.


The Life Of a Digital Marketer

The life of a digital marketer is one that is the core of the internet life. They are responsible for developing and maintaining brand awareness and optimization through and to all digital channels that may or may not be paid by the company. A digital marketer usually focuses all their attention on proposing different keywords that secure high ranking and effective performances in all channels of social media like websites, email, page advertisements, search engines and the company’s blog or website. Their job also relies on measuring the amount of traffic each sites SEO keywords attract.


Types of Online Digital Marketing

To get a clearer idea of where digital marketing lies let us outline in points the types of digital marketing available today for our millions of users online as well as offline, to be mentioned later on.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Referring to using certain keywords on search engines like Google and lead you to search engine result pages. Used for growing a certain web page online appearance in competition with other pages.


  • Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

An internet advertising unit uses to drive traffic to certain web pages when users click on ads. With each click from the user, the publisher gets paid for posting the content.


  • Social Media Marketing

Also known as SMM, involves the sharing and creating of content for various pages to attain every marketing goal in branding.


  • Content Marketing

It is the strategic marketing method for distribution of efficient, valuable and consistent content to target and attract a specific audience, in the hopes of gaining profits.


  • Affiliate Marketing

Runs on the performance of other affiliate groups for one business, which renders rewards for every customer brought in by the affiliate through their marketing strategies.


  • Influencer Marketing

Individuals having professional or just a clear insight to influencing certain products or pages attracting a maximum number of users/customers, which is a form of social media marketing as well.


  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is another strategy for digital marketing is the act of sending emails that will be effective in making life long customers.


  • Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a kind of marketing strategy where consumers use existing online platforms to make a certain product or business go viral, in terms of advertisement.


  • Mobile Phone Advertising

To reach a certain targeted audience through online channels like smartphones, tablets, other devices through websites, emails, social media or mobile applications.


Would Businesses Survive Without Digital Marketing Dynamics

If there were no such thing as online digital marketing, no business would thrive, in fact no business would survive at all. Digital marketing has taken over the world. Almost everyone is seen strapped tightly to the online world with the constant buying and selling of goods done online, it leaves very little room open for traditional shopping; it is the era of digital marketing. The internet is a powerful thing that mixes with every step of our lives. Let’s take a clear look at why every business needs digital marketing to survive or in simpler terms the importance of digital marketing.


  • It targets people where they eat, sleep, pray and well shop. About 80% of the population lives almost 11 hours a day on the internet. For any business to survive, a strategy to shepherd the maximum users online towards it requires the assistance of digital marketing. It is formulated to target people where they spend most of their time and money through ads, emails, social media etc.


  • Most small businesses often get wiped out from the competition against bigger and fancier stores. For eg. A dollar store for thrift clothes will be demolished to make room for bigger malls. Digital marketing gave a platform to smaller and simpler businesses to thrive without needing to be put out of business.


  • Digital Marketing has made room for a more targeted approach reaching a bigger audience as compared to the more traditional ways of advertising through magazine or newspaper pages. With the advancement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and pay-by-click, search engines put you on top of the lookout bar.



  • Investments in a budget are made easier to adapt to and handle through digital marketing platforms as compared to the large sums of money that go into putting up an add on a billboard, giving it room to scale and adapt as each business grows.


Offline Marketing

As mentioned above all the online or digital marketing has in store, we further brush up on what offline marketing means or stands for.

  • Enhanced offline marketing which uses electronic devices such as an iPad to screen out visually appealing images of the products the business is trying to seel. For eg: fast food joints like McDonald’s now use iPads for people to give their food orders.
  • Radio Marketing is still active for a smaller crowd. Things like card deals or musical concert price tickets are advertised through radio jockeys.
  • We can never forget the pioneer device for all advertisements and that is through Television Marketing.
  • And last but not least was categorized as the biggest strategy for offline marketing is Phone Marketing.


In Conclusion in today’s day and age it is nearly impossible for any or most businesses to thrive without the means of digital marketing. It has proven to be an integral part of every business to grow and move up on top of the game depending upon how well it targets the right audience maximizing their feed and appearance.

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