Some general tips for an amazing escape room experience!

If you want to enhance your escape room experience here are a few tips.

1) Work as a team!

This is very important, while trying to solve puzzles within the time limit make sure everyone participates because it will be necessary for all players to help each other out. There should always be someone available to help out whenever there’s something that might need an extra pair of hands or eyes; if not, then communication between the other teams by verbal means should become vital in order to do everything. It pays off when everyone keeps an eye out for something suspicious or notices a clue that another player has missed!


2) Listen to the game master/game attendant

When playing escape games, you are always advised to listen carefully to everything said by the game master because they might hold your next hint. This can be done by listening carefully to what’s being spoken throughout the game, paying attention to every detail, and following instructions without any doubt whatsoever. The game master holds all knowledge about how everything works in the room so trust them! They have put lots of effort into designing puzzles that will lead you towards certain places within each scene, so just listen carefully not only when they’re instructing you with instructions but also when giving clues. 


3) Pay attention!

This is another important tip that should never be forgotten. It’s normal to have some distractions sometimes but this is not the time for checking social media, browsing through menus, or looking around because doing so will surely ruin your experience. Just pay attention to the game at all times and you’ll eventually slide into the tale being told by clues or objects found within each scene. If you slowly start noticing how everything leads towards something bigger then it’s possible that you’ve entered a secret world that only players want to explore!


4) Be smart!

Finding out who chose this particular puzzle before entering can help you realize whether there are similarities between riddles chosen by different participants. Puzzles chosen might give away hints about their hobbies – one chose an escape room with puzzles and locks, another chose an escape room with riddles and cryptography, etc. This might help solve the puzzle faster because you’ll know that this particular person tends to choose puzzles related to their favorite hobby – hence it’s likely that they’ve chosen something containing their passion. 


5) Teamwork is still important!

Although you might notice some similarities between clues or objects found within each scene, don’t get too comfortable and start feeling relaxed because your best friend nearby might be solving the same clue as yourself thus reaching a solution much faster than yours which can lead to losing precious minutes. It would be good for every member of your group to communicate and share ideas in order for everyone’s knowledge to grow stronger when overcoming challenges together. 6) Film everything!

It’s a good idea to film your experience from different angles because it will make things easier for you to watch again after the game is over. This way you’ll be able to go through clues or objects that stood out more, analyze them and maybe even notice new details which you didn’t see before!  


7) Take notes!

This might not seem important during the game but if there are too many clues involved then surely everything can get overwhelming so taking notes on specific riddles or puzzles can help you focus better on certain tasks while forgetting about the remaining ones – at least for a moment before coming back to them later on when time is being managed properly. It also helps when finding some objects within each scene since these have been placed there for a reason and can be used to overcome certain obstacles.


8) Keep calm and don’t rush!

Some rooms might come with timers so it’s important to be well prepared and know what needs to be done in order to pass the game without any trouble. It would also be good if you manage your time wisely because rushing will not solve anything but create problems instead, especially when trying to find clues or objects within each scene since these should always be handled with care – although it’s better if they’re found quickly enough before moving on towards other things. Also, sometimes one clue leads to another which creates an effect that helps solve both riddles much faster than normal so make sure you prepare yourself for such challenges in advance in order to be ready and able to solve them when they occur.


9) Turn off your phone!

Even though it might be important to take pictures or record the whole experience in order for you to remember all details after the game is over, making calls during the game makes no sense. It’s not just about other players noticing that you’re on your phone when everything should be done without distractions but when using a camera or recording devices like smartphones or GoPro cameras then make sure they’re turned off because even if their batteries are full there’s still a chance that something unexpected will happen and turn them off which can cause problems during later stages of the game. Also, don’t forget the charger cables – your phone’s battery life will decrease significantly if used during the game and these decrease even faster when using apps that might come in handy.


10) Ask for clues!

Two or more brains are always better than one so if you’re having trouble solving a particular puzzle, don’t hesitate to ask your friends for help. After all, the entire point of playing an escape room is to have fun and share it with others!

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