Mat Ownership VS Mat Rental For Businesses: What Are The Benefits?

We are often asked why mat rentals are better than mat ownership as commercial entrance mat specialists. Since there is no one right answer, it depends on what you do, how your business operates, the location of your premises, footfall, etc.

A business has many choices.

  • If you would like to order custom-shaped mats
  • Consider whether to include your logo and other branding in your mat
  • Let’s not forget to mention whether you should rent or purchase your mats.

Rental mat – The pros & cons

Mat renting is becoming a more popular option for many businesses. Depending on the needs of your business, this option has many benefits and some drawbacks. We will discuss them below.

Mat rental -Who are the pros?

Here are some of these pros.

1. Lower initial costs

The initial upfront expense is lower than buying mats outright. This makes the purchase seem less significant and allows costs to be spread out more.

2. Regular washing

The mats you rent are cleaned and returned clean to your place at regular intervals. You usually get to decide how often but it could be every other week.

This ensures that mats appear clean and sharp, making a great impression to everyone who comes by your door.

3. Ideal for high-footfall places

Mat rental is an invaluable service if your space has high footfall. This includes busy offices and shops, as well as entertainment and hospitality venues such cafes and restaurants.

4. Fitting and installation

When you rent commercial carpets, the fees include installation and fitting charges, no matter if you select a standard or custom-made shape. This allows you to save time and money.

5. Enhanced performance for safety and better health

If you keep your mats clean and replace them with new ones often, they will perform as intended. Mats left unattended can collect dirt and water that can cause slips and trips as well as moisture.

6. Rental mats available in many shapes and sizes

Renting mats do not have to be the same standard size and shape. Uk mats and many other providers offer rental mats in a variety sizes, colors, shapes, and even custom models.

What’s the downside to renting a mat?

As we mentioned, there are numerous benefits to renting mats as compared to buying them. You will need to consider some possible issues:

1 Lower initial costs

Sometimes, the range of rental entrance mats can be limited. Many models are simply rubber-backed. However, you can rent branded entrance mats from many suppliers in a variety sizes and shapes.

2 Usually, a minimum contract is required

If you plan to rent mats, it is necessary to agree to a minimum term to ensure the supplier pays all charges and that you have a good experience. You might find it more cost-effective to buy waterhog mats and similar items if you use them for less than a year.

3 It will have ongoing costs

As with renting anything else, renting mats means that you will have to continue to pay. This should be balanced against the costs involved in laundering and returning the mats. Renting a contract should still be an excellent option, offering great value and quality at consistent prices.

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