Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck (キルア゠ゾルディック, Kirua Zorudikku) Silvia Zoldyck’s third child is the heir to the Zoldyck Family, until he runs away from home and becomes a rookie hunter. Alluka Zoldyck and he are traveling together at the moment.

The series has featured him as the deuteragonist in the Heavens Arena, Greed Island, and Chimera Ant arcs. He also played the lead role in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. Tritagonist of the Hunter Exam story arc as well as the Yorknew City story arc.

Killua’s hair is silver with spikes, his skin is pale, and he has blue eyes. As he goes into assassination mode, his eyes narrow and sharpen, depending on his mood. Because of constant physical conditioning and torture training he received as a child, Killua is fairly lean at the start of the series. His muscles and tone gain strength as the series progresses. During Killua’s OVAs in the Nippon Animation anime adaptation, his eye color is made green. In the series from 2011, he is often seen holding a yellow skateboard (which was previously green).

Killua usually dresses in long-sleeved dark-colored shirts with baggy clothing. He usually wears turtlenecks with his clothes. Killua wears long, baggy shorts in the manga and Madhouse animated adaptation, but Nippon Animation shortened them to reach above his knees. Nippon Animation’s adaptation has brown and black boots instead of the purple that Killua has.

Killua’s hair cascades over his shoulders as a child. It was worn with a blue hoodie and gray pants and shoes.


Initially, Killua is introduced as a character with the same characteristics as Gon: cheeky, cheerful, and bursting with mischievous ideas. Killua, on the other hand, is usually quite rude to strangers and older people, in contrast to Gon’s politeness. He is most well-known for having a sweet tooth; he loves everything sweet and spent almost Jenny Symbol 2011.svg200 million on snacks at the Heavens Arena. Chocolate is his favorite snack, especially Chocolate Robots and Chocolate Balls.
Often, he can analyze a situation with great ease and accuracy and is one of the most quick-thinking characters. While he may be young, he has a mature way of thinking, a wide range of knowledge, and a pragmatic approach. He initially believes in his abilities and questions Gon’s abilities during the Hunter Exam. He compares his strength to that of others. Killua became humble over time and stopped boasting about his abilities. Though he is very knowledgeable and levelheaded, he is not very open in general; he gets very embarrassed when Gon calls him his best friend or compliments them about their bond.

Killua demonstrates a noble, pure side of himself despite his horrific upbringing and the torturous training he has undergone. The two stars have noted how tragic Killua must have been during his childhood when he shows his abilities and turns his Nen into electricity, with Netero stating that it is a miracle he even has a smile.
He is, on the other hand, ruthless, violent, and bloodthirsty because of his aptitude for killing. Although he is unafraid to threaten or kill anyone who attacks the two of them, this side of him fades as he spends more time with Gon. Killua’s unyielding loyalty to his friends and natural kindness contend with his predisposition to kill. During the course of his friendship with Gon, he grows to appreciate him more and more. In his efforts to help his friends, Killua often suffers greatly without complaining. As long as others come before himself, he doesn’t care about his own health, if that’s possible.
The greatest flaw of Killua until recently was his fear of those seemingly stronger than him (such as his elder brother, Illumi). Killua had been trained by his brother as an assassin to be extremely cautious and only engage in combat if victory is absolutely certain. He felt hindered as a Hunter, in that Biscuit said that victory was never guaranteed, and that depending on the circumstances, it was possible to defeat a stronger opponent[5].

Killua is especially challenged by these opposing ideologies in the second half of the series, as he faces stronger opponents. As a result, Biscuit prophesied that one day he would abandon Gon because his brother’s teachings remained so ingrained in his mind. A Chimera Ant appeared while Gon (who was not using Nen at the time) was nearby, and he had no way to defend himself. This finally proved Biscuit’s prophecy to be true. Killua realized that Illumi had implanted a needle in his brain at the last moment. Because of this needle, Killua was forced to retreat whenever any situation could potentially endanger his life. After removing the needle, Killua was no longer bound to this restraint and was able to make his own decisions whether or not to flee when facing stronger opponents.[6]
At Greed Island, Killua has demonstrated a strong tendency toward gambling. To the point of being willing to risk his life in order to get a big reward on the slot machine. When Biscuit saw the gambling rush in his eyes, he grabbed him by the neck and forced him to stop.

Killua is so much more mature than Gon when it comes to his thinking and emotions that even when faced with a terrifying experience like the death of Kite, he retains his rationale and does not let his anger overtake his thinking. Gon surrenders to his anger and loses his rational thinking.


The Zoldyck family, which included Killua, is known for their assassinations. Killua began taking Zoldyck training at a very young age, learning specific killing techniques from Silva and Illumi. He was set to become one of the best assassins Zoldyck had ever raised.

Nanika took over after he fulfilled three of Alluka’s requests when he was a young child. She explained the powers of the change to him, and he was able to reverse the change. His parents were informed by Mitsuba after witnessing one episode, but he kept it a secret from them. Silva and Kikyo questioned him about it, and he said Nanika told him not to refuse four demands and that denying those demands led to death only after Mitsuba is killed.[10] At the age of six, he was forced to compete in the Heavens Arena’s martial arts tournament until he reached the 200th floor, at which point he was allowed to return home.

His basic training had him master the game of darts at the age of six or seven. Around the age of nine, he met and attempted to befriend the newly hired Canary. She thanked him for the offer, but declined it because of their different statuses.[8]

Illumi implanted a special needle into his head at an unknown point in his life in an attempt to make him appear to be a true assassin. He was also prevented from escaping Alluka’s playroom by fear implanted by Illumi.

As a young boy, he rebelled against his family and injured his mother and older brother before running away from home so he could take the Hunter Exam.[15] By then, he had already assassinated more people than the Bomber(s) combined.[16]

The plot

Exam arc for Hunter

The first phase

Killua is among the few rookies to reach Zaban Tunnel. Despite suspecting the drink may contain chemicals, he accepts the drink offered to him by Tonpa. Tonpa is baffled by his requests for four more cans of poison, but Killua reveals to him that he has built a resistance against poisons. Satotz then arrives to announce the start of the 287th Hunter Exam, in which the applicants will be required to follow him to the next examination site. Killua uses his skateboard to pass Gon Freecss, Kurapika, and Leorio Paradinight. Gon points out that Satotz simply told them to follow him, not to use a skateboard in an endurance test. Leorio rebukes him for using a skateboard in an endurance test. Killua inquires about Gon’s age and finds out that both of them are almost 12. Rather than following the group, he decides to run alongside it and asks Leorio his age, calling him “pops”. To the boys’ surprise, Leorio reveals he is not even 20 yet.

Leorio becomes extremely exhausted 60 kilometers later. As Killua is convinced that he is dropping out, he tells Gon to leave him behind. Gon picks up Leorio’s suitcase with his fishing pole after Leorio finds motivation to continue running. Killua wants to try it, while Gon wants to use his skateboard.[17] Halfway up the stairs, Gon and Killua reach the front of the group, with Killua claiming that the group is moving slowly. Gon asks Killua why she wants to be a hunter. It has been described as a really tough exam, but for now, he finds it tedious and boring. Killua answers that he does not, only that he is interested in taking the test because it seems so tough to him. Then he returns the question to Gon, who explains that his father is a hunter and that he wants to follow in his footsteps. As Killua laughs, he remarks that he is strange for not knowing how he is. They emerge from the wetlands moments later.

The applicants are led across the Milsy Wetlands by Satotz after two Man-faced Apes failed to trick them. Satotz warns them not to fall victim to the many wild animals that live there. Kilua says that if Gon gets in front of the group, he will be able to get away from Hisoka Morow. This is because Hisoka Morow will use the fog as a cover for killing someone. He explains that he could recognize it because he is like him. It is easy for Gon to fall into the traps set by the endemic creatures behind them if he is separated from the applicants in front of him. This has already happened to those behind them. Despite Killua’s advice, Gon rushes to Leorio when he hears his scream, leaving him to continue the run alone.

The Second Phase

Killua arrives at the Visca Forest Preserve in time for the second trial. The applicants reach the venue five minutes before noon. In addition to being pleasantly surprised by Gon’s presence, he is baffled by his statement that he followed his friend’s fragrance. When Killua hears rumbling sounds from inside the building, he assumes there is a beast inside. But, upon opening the doors, he discovers that it is actually Buhara’s stomach. As part of the Second Phase, it was revealed the examinees would be cooking with Gourmet Hunters and proctors Menchi and Buhara. There is a dangerous pig living within Buhara’s preserve, so he requests a whole roast pig from each applicant. Yet Killua and Gon’s friends easily beat 66 other applicants in the task[20]. The examinees, however, are baffled when Menchi requests they make sushi, since none of them is familiar with the dish. Although he almost failed the trial[21], Chairman Netero intervened and he passed the amended phase. Examinees hunt for Spider Eagle eggs at Split Mountain as part of the test. Among the 42 applicants left at the end of this phase is Killua.

It’s a Game At Midnight

The 42 remaining applicants board the Selection Committee’s airship, where Netero announces that the final phase of the test will begin at 8:00 a.m. on the following day. Taking a look at the view from a window, Killua and Gon explore the airship with excitement. Upon asking about Killua’s parents, Killua’s father reveals that they are both assassins before passing it off as a joke, but Gon believes it to be true nonetheless. It is revealed he fled from his home and refuses to take over the family business. He also states he would like to turn them in. Netero shoots his bloodlust at them while the two are conversing, and he dashes past them pretending to just have arrived from the opposite path. Killua acknowledges he is fast, and his nonchalance irritates him. Netero challenges Killua to a ball game in order to make the exam more challenging, and promises to grant the licenses on the spot if they win. As Killua approaches him, he uses “Rhythm Echo,” but he dodges all of his attacks. Kilua tries to cripple him, but he is the one who gets hurt. After Killua and Gon have tried every possible attack method, Netero suggests that they attack together.[15] Netero then switches to Gon, criticizing him when he bumps his head on the ceiling while jumping too high. Killua kicks Netero in the back of the head, but Netero kicks away the ball before he can catch it. Gon distracts Netero long enough for Killua to kick him in the back of the head. Gon redirects it and they almost manage to catch it, but the Chairman rockets between them and grabs it. As Killua realizes that Netero didn’t use his right hand or left leg, he decides to give up. His right hand is being forced upon him by Gon, who leaves him without help. His frustration leads him to tear to shreds two other applicants in the hallway.

The Third Phase

He spends most of the night in a sullen mood. The airship lands on Trick Tower at 9:30 a.m. As part of their trials, the forty applicants are instructed that they must descend from the tower alive within 72 hours[23]. An examinee who has experience in rock climbing makes his descent from the side, but is devoured by a flock of flying beasts under Gon and Killua’s watch. Another applicant is spotted entering the tower through a trap door, but they are unable to open it. Kurapika and Leorio are located near each other. The two unexpectedly end up in the same room, where they discover that a third candidate needs to be present to begin the test. Tonpa shows up after another 50 minutes[24] and forces them to vote before they can open every door on their path until they reach the arena. The prisoners must win three out of five matches against Bendot’s group of five prisoners to advance. Tonpa surrenders immediately to everyone’s surprise.[25] After finding out the prisoners wanted a stall, Killua says that Tonpa made the right choice because Bendot would have crushed his larynx to prevent him from surrendering and then tortured him until the time ran out.

In contrast, Sedokan sizing up Gon and declaring that Sedokan is not a threat, Killua is baffled by Gon’s eagerness to join. The group is given the choice between a long and a short candle, which they challenge to a match to see whose candle burns the longest. Kurapika tells Gon that they will vote according to his choice. Choosing the one with the longest lifespan will ensure the longest lasting results. They accept his selection despite being confused by his reasoning. Kurapika and Majtani engage in a deathmatch after Gon wins his match[26]. Killua believes that Leorio is dangerous, but Leorio thinks he has no track record of violence. While Gon is reminiscing about Leorio, Killua smiles. Leroute is positively impressed when Kurapika one-shots his opponent.[27] In spite of this, however, the match has not ended since neither contestant surrendered or died. Killua offers to end the unconscious Majtani’s life when Kurapika refuses, but Kurapika turns the offer down. The proposal loses support from Killua when he accuses Kurapika of being selfish. Kurapika refuses to budge, so Killua withdraws his support. Leorio remarks a few hours later that Majtani is unlikely to wake up[28]. By placing a ten-hour bet, he gets the chance to confirm his condition. Since he certifies Majtani is alive, Killua suspects Majtani may be dressing up as unconscious. The bluff is discovered, but Leorio loses the wager and rock-paper-scissors battle with Leroute for a total of 50 hours.

They will never see Killua again, Leorio despairs, creating irritability in the boy. Upon realizing Johness the Dissector is the serial killer, Leorio’s attitude changes. He sparks Killua’s interest with his criminal history. Killua plucked out Johness’ heart in an instant, smirking and crushing it in front of his eyes as soon as he agreed to a deathmatch. Bendot rejects Killua’s offer to fight to pass the time after the five applicants are declared victorious, which causes the convict to fear for his life. After spending 50 hours in a locked room, Killua is questioned about his feat by Kurapika. Killua says he reworked the hand to make it easier, and that he used to be a pro, while Johness was an amateur.[30]

When the door opens, the five face five more trials and choices. One big decision is required at the end of the test: choosing between a long path that takes 45 hours to walk but can be walked by the whole group, and a short one that requires only three hours to walk but can only be walked by three out of five participants. The day is nearly over, but Killua declares he is still willing to fight for his right to keep fighting, as Leorio did. Gon decides to break down the wall separating the longer path from the shorter one with the weapons provided by the examiners by selecting the longest path. Just moments before the deadline, all five make their way to the target on a short slide.

The Fourth Phase

A manhunt takes place on Zevil Island in the Fourth Phase, which requires the remaining 25 competitors to acquire their prey’s tag. The numbers of their respective targets are revealed by Gon and Killua after a few moments of hesitation. Killian observes that Gon has a terrible stroke of luck by ending up with Hisoka. Killua wishes Gon good luck after he declares he feels scared and excited at the same time. After disembarking, Killua invites his pursuer to come out.[32] When he still does not come out, Killua walks to him, but Imori emerges from the bushes when Amori and Umori arrive. Despite being kicked in the gut, Killua does not seem to be affected and pickpockets his tag. He asks the two other brothers if one or both of them have it since it’s only one number off his target. Amori Brothers get into formation, but Killua runs up a tree and appears behind Amori, pointing his nails in Amori’s direction. Upon finding out that Umori is his target, he throws his tag away, switching it with the other two before throwing it so as to trick Hanzo.[34] One hour before the deadline, he leaves his hiding spot and arrives at the landing site.

The Final Phase

Netero summons the nine remaining examinees, asking them to identify the fellow applicants they are most interested in and to identify those they would be opposed to fighting. Three days later, at a committee-run hotel, Killua answers Gon to the former question, and Pokkle to the latter, as it would make for a boring confrontation[35]. A passing score is achieved by winning a single tournament. Killua is puzzled by Netero’s explanation of the scoring system, as his number of matches corresponds to his score. The specifics of Netero’s testimony are not revealed, but from what he says, Killua learns that although he is physically superior to Gon, the examiners choose Gon because they see more potential in him. The first duel will be between Hanzo and Gon. After a three-hour beating, Hanzo breaks Gon’s arm afte beatingt him up for three hours. As Hanzo threatens to severGorn’s leg, he refuses to give up. Astonished by the sudden shift, Killua was left astonished that Gon was unwilling to have his limb cut off or surrender. A protesting Gon is knocked unconscious by Hanzo’s throw of the match.[37]

NETERO summons the nine remaining candidates and asks them to identify which candidates they are most interested in and which they are opposed to fighting. The following day, at a committee-run hotel, Killua answers Gon’s first question, and Pokkle’s second question, as it would make for a boring confrontation[35]. One must win a single tournament to achieve a passing score. Despite Killua’s puzzlement, Netero explains the scoring system that corresponds to the number of matches he has played. The details of Netero’s testimony aren’t revealed, but based on what he says, Killua learns that although he is physically stronger than Gon, the examiners chose Gon because they see more potential in him. Hanzo and Gon will face off in the first duel. Three hours after beating Gon, Hanzo breaks his arm after pounding him for three hours. He refuses to give up in the face of Hanzo’s threat to sever Gorn’s leg. As a result of the sudden change, Killua was shocked to find that Gon would not have his limb amputated or surrender. Hanzo’s throw of the match knocks unconscious a protesting Gon.

Killumi threatens to kill Gon, leaving Killua paralyzed by fear after Leorio says he already views Killua as a friend. Killua’s older brother says that if he defeats him, he will allow Gon to live. However, he says he knows what Killua will choose since he trained him not to face a stronger opponent. As he extends his hand towards Killua, he commands him not to move, declaring that their fight will begin once his fingers touch him or he moves. Killua surrenders to his brother, distraught and unable to resist him. After explaining he had not intended to harm Gon, Illumi says he was only testing Killua’s friendship potential to determine that he is unsuitable for friendship. Leorio tells Killua to return home, and the boy becomes unresponsive to what Kurapika and Leorio say. After Leorio defeats Bodoro in the wrestling match, Killua impales him from behind, thus failing the Hunter Exam.[7] Killua leaves the hotel and returns to Kukuroo Mountain.[39]

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