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Improving School Administration in Five Steps

The school’s administrative department needs to be quite effective to provide learners with a quality learning experience, set benchmarks, and step on the success ladder. However, maintaining administrative efficiency at schools becomes challenging for the authorities. The conventional methods of working are not enough in this regard. The school admins must switch to technology to work smarter and better. Technical involvement in schools boost 

  • Time management and productivity
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • Teaching and learning experience
  • Learning outcomes 
  • Interaction with parents 

By looking at these benefits, every school should look for suitable student learning management. Let us now discuss a complete five-step process that can be followed for better administrative efficiency at schools. 

Steps to improve school Administration 

1.Proper planning and preparation 

Being a school admin brings along a vast set of duties and responsibilities that need to be performed every day. From keeping a check on teachers to reporting to the higher authorities, admins need to be highly accountable. Doing the erk without any planning and plotting leads to errors and wastage of time. Therefore it is very important to create a plan of action, and to-do lists. Admins should discuss with each other and coordinate with the teachers to ensure smooth functioning and task completion. 

2. Switching to technology 

To enhance administration tasks at schools, using technology is a must. In the twenty-first century we are living in, all professional sectors are adopting modern and advanced ways of working. The school authorities should also opt for technical methodologies. A student information system is a type of software that helps schools to function properly, and meet the learning needs of the students. 

By using such software, all administrative and non-administrative tasks can be performed effectively and efficiently. This caters to the requirements of all stakeholders including admins. Teaching, learning, and school management, all can be enhanced by the use of technology in schools. 

3. Using an enterprise resource planning software

The enterprise resource planning software helps school administration in several ways. Improving communication among the stakeholders, better exam planning, content building, and attendance management are some of its benefits. Let us discuss them in detail. 

  • Exam planning 

By using modern ERP solutions, teachers can plan online assessments too. Online quizzes, puzzles, multiple-choice question worksheets and more can be designed for students. Automated results and report cards can be generated. From anywhere and at any time, parents can also check the learning curve, and exam reports of their ward respectively. 

  • Attendance management 

By using ERP software, admins can keep a check on the regularity and punctuality of the teaching staff. Also, teachers can use this software to keep a track of students’ attendance online. As the whole process gets automated, maintaining attendance registers and lists is no longer needed. 

  • Tracking student performance

This software also helps admins to get a proper understanding of how the current teaching practices are working, how students are performing, and what needs to be done for improvement. This system generated automated detailed reports on students’ class performance. The gaps can be filled by providing the required support to the learners. 

4. Digital admission management

Taking new admissions every academic year, and keeping the records of current learners is the key responsibility of the administrators. Handling the long queues of parents, collecting the admission forms manually, and finalizing the data becomes quite complex. To overcome these problems, using an admission management system is very beneficial. It streamlines the traditional methods of admission and offers better convenience and comfort to all stakeholders. Now just with a few clicks and taps, admins can generate and collect the admission forms. Personal information of students can be gathered and online reports can be generated.

5. Audio-visual learning content

Making sure that every teacher provides students with a proper academic understanding also comes with administrative duties. Planning the curriculum, and quality study material for students is very important. By using a sis student information system, teachers can provide learners with several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. This facilitates better learning and enhances students’ learning experience. Bite-sized content can be accessed by students from a single platform, offering them better flexibility and accessibility. 


Using technology is one of the best ways to improve administrative efficiency at schools. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out how admins can become more accountable and proficient at their work. Better productivity, time management skills, communication, and collaboration are guaranteed with these five steps. 

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