Important wedding preparations tips for bride-to-be

Every bride-to-be goes through that strange phase of doubt and panic as the wedding day comes near. More often than not, it has nothing to do with the decision to get married anyway. Usually the anxiety attack revolves around wedding preparation. Did we order the wedding cake? When was the caterer scheduled to arrive? Did the decorator’s advance payment get cleared? How to do my makeup for the day? There are too many questions and the end result is sleepless nights and looking tired on the big day.

Order the dress well in advance

We cannot emphasis on this enough. The dress must be ordered 6-7 months in advance so that you get it ready much ahead of the wedding. This gives you and the tailor enough time to work on further alters and customization. Once your dress is ready, you can relax. But as long as it does not arrive much ahead of the big day, getting nervous and worried is normal.

Do not take up additional responsibilities

As the bride, you are the centre of attention and should be pampered like a princess. Hence, do not take up too many responsibilities. Instead delegate it to family members and friends who are willing. It will make it much simpler for you to focus on yourself. But at the same time, you must have faith on your family and friends and try not to be controlling. The last thing you want is your deputies deserting their posts and running away because you are a control-freak.

Mind your jewelleries

Jewelleries are the tiniest but also the most expensive aspect of the entire event. Hence, it is crucial to optimize security for them. Especially if you get women’s ruby wedding rings, they are extremely expensive to lose. Have someone you trust dedicatedly in charge of all the jewellery and trinkets till you wear them. It is best if you do not give any other task to this person. 

Make sure you get enough sleep

Amidst all the chaos, you may not be getting enough sleep. It is crucial to focus on your health and sleep if you wish to look ethereal that day. Do not stress and make sure you sleep at a decent time and get at least seven hours of sleep daily. Continue this consistently for 6-7months before the wedding and you will be glowing naturally. However, avoid taking sleeping pills. Focus more on herbal teas, yoga and similar practices that reduce stress.

Hire someone for makeup and hair

Many brides decide to do the makeup and hairstyling on their own on the big day. even if you are a professional, it is best to hire someone. There will be a lot going on around you and concentrating will get tricky. But a professional has no liabilities expect what they are hired for. Hence, they will be able to do justice to your look for the day while you enjoy the pampering.As far as your jewellery is concerned, you can rest assured that the London jewellers will help you out. Just make sure the order get placed at a proper time and you do not forget to buy the insurance. Once these things are sorted, you can easily relax and enjoy the big day without worrying about responsibilities.

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