Importance of CAM-FOLLOWER SYSTEM which no one wants you to know!


Cam-follower systems area unit everyplace.

They are used in an exceedingly smart kind of devices and machines.

It is really troublesome to induce through a standard day in associate degree industrialized society while not mistreatment one or maybe several of these systems, or mistreatment product that were created by cam-driven machines.

If you shave, the razor you utilize was most likely created with a Cam driven machine.

When you flip the timer knob on the dishwasher or washer, you are setting cams which is able to slowly rotate to activate the wash cycle’s events.

When you drive to work, cams get you there. maybe the foremost common application for cams is valve feat in combustion (IC) engines—the typical IC engine has 2 or a lot of cams per cylinder.

Many stitching machines use cams to urge blotched handicraft.

If you visit a spa, you utilize cams to actuate several of the load coaching machines.

This book can gift sensible info equally as a result of the mathematical foundation required to properly style and manufacture cams for a variety of applications, primarily people who involve high speed operation and conjointly the requirement for accuracy, precision, and repeatability.

Cams of this selection area unit used extensively in vehicles and in machinery of each sort. automatic production machinery, like screw machines, spring winders, and assembly machines, all trust heavily on cam-follower systems for his or her operation.

The cam-follower is associate degree particularly helpful pc, while not that the machine designer’s tasks would be much more troublesome to accomplish. The cam could also be a specially formed piece of metal or alternative material organized to maneuver the follower in associate degree extremely controlled fashion.

The follower’s motion is additionally either rotation or translation.

In these examples, a spring is utilized to require care of contact between cam and follower.

This is remarked as a force closed cam joint, which means that associate degree external force is needed to remain them along.

Just as you cannot press on a rope, you cannot pull on a force-closed cam joint.

A track or groove at intervals the cam traps the roller follower and currently will each push and “pull”—actually it simply pushes in each direction.

This is known as a type closed joint as a result of the cam is “formed” around the follower, capturing it by pure mathematics.

This type of cam, once used for valve feat in engines, is to boot known as desmodromic, from the French word Democratique intending to force to follow a contour.

Both form- and force-closed cams area unit used extensively in machinery.

Their execs and cons area unit aiming to be explored throughout the book.

This “equivalent linkage” then has totally different pure mathematics (link lengths) for each Cam follower position.

The lengths of the effective links area unit determined by the instant locations of the centers of curvature of the cam and follower.

This is the principal advantage of the cam-follower compared to a “pure” linkage, i.e., it is, in effect, a variable-length linkage that features a bigger degree of motion management than would one with mounted link lengths.

It is this distinction that produces the cam-follower such a flexible and helpful operate generator.

We can specify just about associate degree output operate we tend to want and build an surface on the cam to urge an honest approximation to that operate at intervals the motion of the follower.

The velocities and accelerations of the Cam follower system could also be found by analyzing the behavior of the effective linkage for any position.

A proof of this might be found in McPhate.

However, in engineering, all blessings embrace concomitant disadvantages and conjointly the cam-follower system has several such trade-offs.

For example, compared to linkages, cams area unit a lot of compact and easier to vogue for a specific output operate, however they are far more troublesome and pricier to form than a linkage.

Both positive and negative aspects of cam-follower systems area unit explored at intervals the following chapters.

For a lot of info on linkage style and mechanics, see Norton.


Force and type closure were introduced earlier.

Force closure, needs associate degree external force to be applied to the joint thus on keep the two links, cam and follower, physically to bear.

This force generally is provided by a spring or sometimes by associate degree air cylinder.

This force, outlined as positive throughout a direction that closes the joint, can’t be allowed to become negative. If it does, the links lose contact as a result of a foreclosed joint will solely push, not pull.

Form closure, closes the joint by pure mathematics. No external force is needed.

There are a unit extremely 2 cam surfaces throughout this arrangement, one surface on all sides of the follower.

Each surface pushes, in its flip, to drive the follower in each direction.

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