How to Make Blackjack Rules Work for You

How to Make Blackjack Rules Work for You


Unless you are new to the game of casino blackjack, you already know the house dealers play by a strict set of rules. Those blackjack rules are very simple and dictate whether or not the dealer takes another card or stands.


Unlike bettors, the dealer never has to make complicated decisions. That’s because the house usually makes the dealer stand when his or her hand totals 17 points or more. Often times, the casino will make the dealer stand on a hard 16 and possibly take a card on a soft 16.


The plays the dealer make never depend on what any bettor does or has showing. Besides, that would be impossible if a table were full with a maximum six bettors vying against the house. Instead, the dealer only pays attention to the cards in his or her hand, and nothing else.


Be Wary of the House Advantage


Because of its simple set of blackjack rules, the house has an about 3 percent advantage over average casino blackjack players. Those who know how to play 21 expertly can reduce that advantage to only a half-percent.


But, because the house never goes first and the dealer only ever hits or stands based upon a strict set of blackjack rules, even expert players contend with a slight house advantage against them. That makes it important for you to learn and master blackjack rules and strategy to have the best chance of winning.


Those who know how to play 21 the best way can nearly wipe out the house advantage and turn lucky streaks into large money-makers.


Understand the Game and Win More Cash


A website like has online blackjack real money games that you can play and win more consistently when you abide blackjack rules. Before you can win, though, you need to understand how to play 21 the way professionals do.


To play like a professional, you need to know the goal isn’t to come as close to 21 as you can without going over. The goal is to beat the dealer and take the house’s money.


That simple concept, though, is lost on many players. That’s especially true given the wide range of available options bettors have off the deal. Bettors can stand with the cards dealt, or ask the dealer for another card.


The bettor may continue asking for more cards until satisfied with the total or going over 21. Going over 21 means the bettor goes bust and loses the hand and wager.


Advanced Plays Boost Potential Winnings


Bettors also can split cards, double down on their initial wager, surrender, or buy insurance against the dealer hitting 21 off the deal. Those advanced plays, though, require advanced knowledge of how to play 21 the right way.


Skilled bettors understand blackjack card values and know how to play 21 based on the cards dealt and what the dealer is showing. When playing at a website, like which has online blackjack real money games, skilled bettors stand a good chance of winning cash.


Sites like can prove very profitable for highly skilled bettors. When you take the time to master the rules and betting systems, you can turn a lucky streak into a huge windfall.


And when you are grinding out wins to stay ahead of the house, a website like has online blackjack real money games that continue until your luck improves and you start winning again. All you need to do is master your game and eliminate the common errors that so often defeat other bettors.


Get Paid Right Away from Casino Blackjack Games


When you win a large blackjack hand, like most people, you probably want to celebrate and spend some of your winnings. You can do that with dynamic payouts, which ensure you get your winnings in your bank account right away.


Dynamic payouts use advanced cyber security to protect your banking and personal information, while ensuring funds are transferred as quickly as possible. In many cases, you can have your cash in your pocket in as little as a day or less.


When you can hone your blackjack skills, win on a regular basis, and collect your winnings right away, it makes no sense to gamble anyplace but online from the comfort of your own home or other favorite place.


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