How to Layer Your Cardigan in 5 Simple Ways

Don’t allow anyone to ever tell you that there’s nothing manly about wearing cardigans. Cardigans are named after a prominent figure in the British military who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan. 


Cardigans are a great piece of clothing because of its functionality and versatility as it can suit a diverse range of looks. It’s a fantastic option whether you’re going for a formal or casual laid back style. With winter on the horizon, all you need to know is how to wear it the right way so that you don’t end up looking like an old-timer.


Read on to learn 5 simple ways you can layer your cardigan to keep warm while staying fashionable. 


1. Keep It Thick on the Outside and Thin on the Inside

A general rule of layering is to wear thicker fabrics on the exterior and wear thinner or lighter fabrics on the interior. The same applies to men’s cardigans


Take shawl cardigans for instance. They are perfect for chilly days because of the thick structure of the collar. You can wear one over a henley tee for a polished and smart style.

2. Keep It Light

You can wear a cardigan with a vest or a t-shirt for when it’s winter but it’s not particularly freezing just yet. 


For example, you can wear a longline cardigan for casual occasions over a shirt made from lightweight knitted fabrics. The elongated silhouette of a longline cardigan will give you a laidback look that works great for weekend looks. 


3. Three Is Your Magic Number

When it comes to layering cardigans, three garments should do just fine. Any more than that is overkill and can give you a stuffed, bulky look. There’s also the fact that wearing a cardigan over multiple clothes can make you feel too hot and uncomfortable.   


Keep this mind when dressing up: 2 is awesome, 3 is just fine, 4 will be overkill.   


4. Layer Over It

This style takes layering a notch higher. Wearing a cardigan over a button-down or a tee with another layer over the cardigan such as a coat or a leather jacket can be a great look. 


Most consider it an outfit that exudes panache and sophistication. It can be especially convenient during the colder periods of winter. 


5. Consider the Color Contrast

A lot of great cardigan layered outfits consist of several colors. Therefore, you need to know how to combine different colors to pull off a stylish layered look. 


A good rule of thumb is to wear a cardigan with a dark color such as grey or navy blue and keep whatever you wear on the inside to be of a light color. 


Men’s Cardigans Deserve All the Hype 


Cardigans are a unisex fashion item and this has made men not see it as a male sweater. Recent years have, however, seen the return of the cardigan in the wardrobes of a lot of men. 


Learning how to layer in the right way can transform your cardigan styles into a fashion arsenal. Our final advice is to make sure each layer works fine on its own so that in case you have to remove one, your improvised outfit will still work.

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