How to Choose a Honeymoon Accommodation

Before you start packing, you will need to determine which style of accommodation best suits your honeymoon wishes. Do you want to accompany your family and other vacationer groups with other newlyweds or be isolated from other societies? Discover the Retreat Port Stephens Accommodation for your honeymoon.

All-Inclusive Resorts

As the term suggests, all-inclusive fares cover everything from lodging, meals, unlimited drinks and entertainment to tips, taxes, airport transfers, and a list of mile-long activities for a fee. Once a phrase with a negative meaning, more and more resorts are starting to offer all-inclusive packages. The resort depends on exactly what is included, but you only need to bring cash if you plan to enjoy gift shop tools, outside trips, car rentals or spa treatments. However, in addition to booking a flight to your destination, all the necessities are included. Good? Consider all aspects before boarding.


  • All-inclusive packages can save you up to 25% off the cost of a vacation; just be sure to search for the best deals and consider the cost of airfare to get to your destination. (our guide to honeymoon travel for less offers cheaper advice)
  • Know exactly what your trip will cost you before you leave, with no surprise costs or fees that drain your funds.
  • No need to carry a wallet – the best stress reliever.
  • Have the luxury of choosing a destination that offers activities to your liking.
  • If your travel plans include a destination wedding, most all-inclusive resorts offer packages that include ceremonies and receptions on site with the help of an on-site planner.


  • Because all costs included are for on-site activities, you are less likely to venture off-property and discover all that your destination has to offer.
  • A limited number of activities and dining venues have the makings of monotony.
  • If seclusion and spontaneity is what you crave, you may want to consider another option that gives you the freedom to interact in your own free time.

Couples-Only Resorts

What’s a better way to start a new life with other starry lovers? Couples-only resorts are limited to couples only. This love nest is a haven for fine dining, dancing, live entertainment, and anything romantic that will ignite your libido. The good and the bad should be considered before marching to the next adult resort two at a time.


  • There are no scenes of scathing singles or screaming kids to distract you from spending time alone with your lover.
  • Most couples-only resorts are also included in the all-inclusive category, and flat rates include a variety of benefits to make your stay as stress-free as possible.
  • From a table for two at dinner to a king-size bed in the bedroom, all amenities are designed with romance in mind.


  • If you roll your eyes every time you see a disgusting PDA display, then a lovers-only getaway shouldn’t be on your itinerary.

Honeymoon Cruises

Cruises have come a long way from traditional “must have fun” trips. Cruises now range from weekend excursions to week-long tropical stopovers. Before you get on board, make sure you understand everything that goes into the price of sailing; otherwise, you could find yourself in a Boat Trip scene!


  • Due to their nature, most cruises are all-inclusive, incorporating the cost of your cabin, meals, onboard activities, and entertainment.
  • Endless amounts of action abound, from buffets galore to sports and dancing on board.
  • Cruise types vary by duration, destination, and type, so you’re sure to find one that you like.


  • The phrase “cabin fever” comes to mind when thinking about being trapped at sea.
  • If you are not satisfied with your honeymoon selection, you can keep your choice until the ship docks.
  • The moments of privacy are few and far between.

Adventure Excursions

If fast rivers and Gatorade are running through your veins, you might want to consider an adventurous honeymoon expedition. Whether you’re yearning for a safari, multi-sport adventure, or a week on a tourist ranch, the options are limitless.


  • While most vacationers come home lethargic and weigh a few pounds more, you will come home lean and spirited.
  • Most of the exploits include the cost of meals, accommodation, sightseeing trips, and instructors who will guide you on your tumultuous expedition.
  • Build camaraderie with your new husband and with others in search of a little excitement and solidarity.


  • While exercise is known to fuel libido, you may be too exhausted at the end of the day to do anything about it.
  • No matter how restless you and your husband are, after months of tireless planning and a dizzying wedding weekend, you may find yourself wanting some rest and relaxation.
  • If your adventure plans include activities that you and your husband don’t normally get involved in, you may have to spend more than anticipated on buying or renting equipment.

Now that you’ve chosen your honeymoon accommodations, this comprehensive honeymoon guide will help you plan the rest of your vacation, offering everything from money-saving tips to optimal weather conditions in various destinations and a packing checklist.

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