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How To Buy Shoes Online? A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you not buying online because you are afraid of not finding shoes that fit your foot or that they do not correspond to the description? Are you worried that the return will be messy and take up a lot of time? Don’t worry; this way of buying is fast, convenient and easier than you think. We recommend how to buy shoes online to avoid unwanted surprises.

Have you already chosen those heels that you longed for so much in the store, or those comfortable sneakers, or maybe some elegant moccasins or rather some trekking shoes? And now that?

First step: how to choose the size of women’s shoes online

We have some tips to help you shop online. First, don’t stick strictly to your size, as this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most important parameter is the insole of the shoe: here you can see how to measure it.

The parameters by which you should be guided when buying shoes depend on the type:

Flip flops and flat sandals should be as close to foot size as possible, Ballerinas, closed shoes or heels should have some slack so they don’t put pressure on tired and swollen feet, but they shouldn’t be too big either so they don’t fall off. Trekking boots or sneakers, in which fat socks are worn, should be even larger.

Also check what exactly is given on the seller’s website. Also check the total height of the shoe, the heel and the weight of the shoe, this will allow you a more accurate selection.

Second step: check the material

Also, take a look at the materials of the upper, the interior, the insole, the heel and the sole. The most popular are shoes made of natural leather, eco-leather or fabric. The former are appreciated for their comfort, durability and ease of care. Artificial leather is an option for people who do not want to use animal leather without giving up its elegant appearance. 

They are also usually cheaper than natural ones. Shoes made of all kinds of fabrics are lightweight and very comfortable, but more difficult to care for and less durable.

Step Three: Opinions Count

Before buying, you would probably like to know your friend’s opinion about a similar model that she has and that she advises you. It works the same way on the internet! Before adding shoes to your shopping cart, take a look at the comments that other customers of the store have left. 

There you will find advice not only on the size, but also on how they are made and their durability after some time of use. Remember, if you have already bought some shoes online and they do not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return them free of charge at Paysalhatach.

Fourth step: How to order women’s shoes online

You already have the model, the material, the size; you already know the comments about the product: the only thing left is to place the order. Add the selected shoes to your shopping cart. Below you will see the information, where you can see what will be included in your shipment. The next step is to enter your data and address, the payment method and the delivery method. Click here for more details and to see how easy it is to shop at!

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