Hair fibers

Hair fibers: Benefits and Recommendations

Both baldness and alopecia are increasingly common problems among the population. A problem that torments thousands of people every day, and the truth is that cases of alopecia around the world have increased in recent years.

Its causes are multiple and every day there are more people who decide to end this hair loss problem looking for alternatives or treatments that give them good results.

One of the solutions to baldness, and that more and more people resort to, are hair fibers. Haircubed hair fibers help hide your baldness and completely repopulate the scalp without having to undergo a cumbersome and expensive hair transplant.

The stress factor is usually one of the main factors when it comes to suffering from hair loss. So, many times, we can have some areas of the hairless populated than others. If this is your case, keep reading because this interests you.

Do you know what hair fibers are and what benefits they have? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers, as we have already mentioned, are a good option to hide alopecia and densify existing hair. Therefore, it is not only indicated for people who suffer from alopecia, but also for people who suffer from hair loss for various reasons, such as stress, dietary, hormonal causes or any other reason.

They consist of tiny keratin filaments that adhere to the hair through their electrostatic charge and allow it to thicken instantly, concealing any state of alopecia.

This means that, if one day you realize that the amount of your hair is less than usual or has become thinner and without volume, with hair fibers you can hide it.

In addition, there are many benefits that are obtained with the use of hair fibers. Next, we will tell you about them.

Benefits of hair fibers

 Before explaining the benefits of hair fibers, it is important to note that they cannot help bald people to enjoy thick hair again.

But, they are of great help both for people who are starting to lose their hair and want to cover their bald spots, as well as for people with little hair or who have fine hair and want to gain volume and density.

  • Offers a completely natural finish.
  • They are achieved in practically all hair shades.
  • They are resistant to rain, sweating and wind.
  • Despite having color, they do not stain clothes or dye the skin.
  • It offers an instant result, since only by applying them and spreading them lightly, a scalp completely full of hair is achieved.
  • Does not clog the pores where hair follicles grow.
  • It is compatible with the intake of anti-hair loss drugs and most shampoos and conditioners to promote hair growth.

As you can see, there are many benefits obtained with hair fibers. But, it is also important to take into account certain recommendations when using it, so that we do not have any type of problem. Next, we explain them to you.

Recommendations for using hair fibers

There are two ways to use hair fibers: one is by dispensing them from a bottle and the other is by spraying them with a spray. But, both before use, it is convenient to shake them so that they are electrostatically charged.

The bottles are somewhat cheaper, but the application of spray hair fibers is faster since it allows you to easily reach any surface of the scalp. There is no major difference between both products; it all depends on your preferences and needs.’

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