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Does Chris Brown Have a Private Instagram?

Chris Brown is making headlines again — but this time, it’s not for an incident of violence. The controversial R&B singer deleted his Twitter and Instagram account over the weekend after he got into an all-out parking lot brawl with fellow recording artist Frank Ocean over a woman. The fight was reportedly so intense that police were called to the scene in Los Angeles’ Westlake neighborhood just before midnight on Sunday. And now, fans are wondering if Chris brown instagram story will go off social media completely or if he’ll come up with some kind of workaround to allow himself to continue updating his millions of followers without bringing more attention to himself than necessary. But one thing is certain: As long as Chris Brown has access to computers and the Internet, there’s no way he’d be able to go completely off the social map.

Find without knowing the account owner’s username?

If Chris Brown wanted an Instagram account that wasn’t accessible by just anyone, he’d have two options: He could either create a brand-new account under a different name or get someone else to create an account for him under his name but without including a link to his official website. Either way, it wouldn’t be private, per se — just harder for fans to find without knowing the account owner’s username.

So Brown shouldn’t really have anything to complain about. He could still post whatever he wanted on Instagram, although he might want to avoid uploading photos of himself looking all glammed-up before heading out in search of a brawl. But unless he creates an alternate online persona for himself that’s completely separate from Chris Brown the celebrity, there’d be no way for him to ensure that nobody would see what he was doing or saying — even if it were taking place behind closed doors.

Does Chris Brown have a private Twitter?

Even though Brown deleted his entire Twitter account, he could easily make another one — even if it’s under the same name. The only difference would be that it wouldn’t be connected to his official website and therefore harder for fans and paparazzi to connect the dots between him and Chris Brown, R&B singer. But it would still be public — which isn’t the worst thing in the world for Brown, considering that he seems to have a love-hate relationship with Twitter.

As of May 2012, instagram Chris brown was following roughly a million people on his verified account, which is one indication that he uses the microblogging site but doesn’t want to play nice all of the time. Luckily for him, any tweets he posted before deleting his account will remain intact and searchable by anyone who has an interest in seeing them. And even though they’d show up in Google results when you search for his name along with hashtags like #teamfollowback, they won’t appear when someone searches for random words from his bio or past tweets.

Brown can create a new account on Twitter

The difference is that Brown can create a new account on Twitter without fear of losing any existing followers. His latest tweet storm — which he has since deleted but was captured by fan accounts online — included tweets in which he responded to old drama, tried to dismiss rumors about drug use and tattoos, wished actor Joaquin Phoenix happy birthday, and discussed his upcoming album X.

Does Chris Brown have a private with alternate name?

Brown’s official Facebook page is still up and running at the time this was written. So even though it’s public for anyone with an interest in checking it out, there’s no way for fans to get notified when he posts something new unless they subscribe to the page or accept all of their notifications from him.

The difference between public and private Facebook pages is that you can choose to hide your personal information from friends of friends and everyone else on the Web. But again, unless Brown creates a second Facebook account for himself under an alternate name — which he could do by simply signing up with another e-mail address — there’s no way for him to control who sees what’s on his profile.

Does Chris Brown have searchable?

No, because Chris brown instagram posts doesn’t allow users to keep their accounts hidden from everyone else. Private accounts are just ones that aren’t searchable by strangers, but anyone looking for them would eventually be able to find them after typing in the owner’s username. 

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