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Deluxe Royals is the market leader when it comes to providing efficient and all-inclusive end-to-end solutions. It works with professional traders all over the world who trade securities directly. Also, Deluxe Royals is the market leader when it comes to providing solutions that cover everything from start to finish. Because Deluxe Royals is the only company capable of providing these solutions on its whole, the traders in question are reliant on the company to serve as the supplier of end-to-end solutions. Deluxe Royals gives its customers a wide range of account, execution, and trading options to meet their individual needs. This allows Deluxe Royals to better adapt to the unique requirements of its consumers. You can gain access to these services by going to the website of company.

Our mission

Provide your customers direct access to all of the equities and options markets in the United States as part of the full trading solutions and end-to-end services that you offer. This should be a part of your offering. This access should also encompass other significant asset types as well as markets located in different parts of the world. innovative and cost-effective cross-border execution, clearing, and custody solutions that are adapted to meet the specific needs of each customer and may be carried out in several different geographic locations. These solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each customer individually.


Provide services to a wide variety of clients while sticking to a conflict-free and agency-only business model to keep a large client base and give excellent customer service. connections on a strategic level with premier investment firms, exchange members, custodial institutions, and software companies in their respective industries

A sizable number of support staff workers who are fluent in multiple languages are willing to put in long hours of labor and make up the bulk of the workforce.

The Depositing of Funds and Withdrawing of Funds

You can restore the balance of your account to its previous level by utilizing any one of the following strategies:

  • The use of a debit card to make purchases with a credit card
  • The amount that is credited to the trading account on the platform will always be in United States dollars, regardless of the method that you choose to recharge the balance of the trading account on the platform. The fact that you are opening currency accounts as a result of this does not compel you to transfer solely dollars from one account to another. When further monies are added to the account, those funds will immediately be converted into the platform’s native currency using an on-the-fly currency conversion. Take aware that Deluxe Royal will not make any changes to the parameters of the conversion, as the rate will instead be established by the financial services company that you choose.
  • To fund an existing trading account, Deluxe Royal will not charge a fee for the transaction, regardless of the payment method that is used or the currency that is used to finance the account.

We offer a 100% guarantee that the honesty of all financial dealings will not be violated in any way

Publicity! Because doing so would be a violation of both the KYC and AML criteria that the company is obligated to comply with, Deluxe Royal does not accept payments from questionable or unconfirmed sources. This decision was made because doing so would be a violation of both sets of rules. The personally identifying information that is provided during the process of making the payment must be by the data that was supplied during the process of registering an account for the account to be considered valid. The customer bears the complete burden of responsibility for ensuring that the information that is provided to the organization is accurate.

Introduction portion one

The Deluxe Royal (henceforth referred to as the Company) will first receive and then keep the Trader’s data before allowing access to the trading platform. This is required to comply with regulatory requirements. One of the most essential aims that the organization Deluxe Royal strives to achieve is to ensure that the client’s anonymity is preserved throughout the entirety of the trading procedure.

The relationship that the Trader has with the Company is controlled, at least in part, by this Privacy Policy, in addition to the other Terms and Agreements that are detailed on this site. When the Customer registers for the trading platform offered by the Company, he automatically and without reservation agree to all of the terms that are outlined in this Policy.

Please be aware of the fact that this policy is only applicable to websites and platforms that are directly controlled by Deluxe Royal and that the company does not regulate the websites that can be invoked by the banners and other links that are displayed on the website of the company. Thank you for your attention to this important detail.

Making Use of Information That May Personally Identify an Individual

The prevention of fraudulent activity is the fundamental reason why the Company makes use of the personally identifying information that the Customer provides. As a direct result of the information that was obtained, a review of the trading account is being carried out at this very moment. In addition to this, it can be put to use in the process of manipulating the market using the trading account (for instance, money withdrawal). Based on the personal information that has been obtained, the Company may, at its discretion, offer the Clients additional goods and services, as well as the chance to take part in promotions that are organized by the Company. This right is reserved by the Company. The Company is not compelled to use the personal data of the Client to carry out surveys and evaluate the degree of excellence of the services given by the Company; nonetheless, the Company does reserve the right to do so to improve the quality of the services it provides.

Refund Policy     

1. You have the right to seek a refund following the cancellation clause that is located further down on this page if you are not happy with the trading platform that is provided by the Company or the quality of the services that are given to you. This right is granted to you by the Cancellation Clause that is located further down on this page.

2. For the customer to get their money back, they need to get in touch with the vendor and provide a written statement that includes the reason for asking for a refund, their contact information, and the actual return request. In addition, the statement needs to include the amount of money that the customer is requesting to be refunded.

3. The customer has the right to a full refund within ten business days of the date on which the company accepts the final decision to reimburse the customer if the company establishes the fact that the contractor was at fault for the failure to provide services or for providing services of inadequate quality. This right to a full refund begins on the date that the company accepts the final decision to reimburse the customer.

4. To receive a refund, the customer must use the same method that was utilized to make the initial deposit into the account.

5. If the Company decides to reimburse the client for the entire amount, the Client is obligated to have the full amount repaid to them within ten business days of the date of the Company’s final decision about the reimbursement of the Client’s deposit. If the Company decides not to reimburse the client for the entire amount, the Client is not obligated to have the full amount repaid to them.

6. Your access to both your trading account and your account, in addition to your deposit, will be revoked if you submit a request for a refund on either of those accounts.

7. Before beginning the process of granting a refund, the Company reserves the right to require, at its sole discretion, that you produce one or more of the Supporting Documents indicated in the “KYC Policy.” These documents can be found in the “KYC Policy.”

8. We would want to make you aware that it may take our customer service personnel up to 48 hours to examine your request, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Our representatives of customer care will get in touch with you to verify that we have received your request and, if necessary, to inquire about any further information that may be required.

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