Crowdsourcing: What It Is And How It Works

The Internet has opened the range of possibilities to improve business and its implementation is creating new ways to carry out certain jobs. This is the case of Crowdsourcing, which is a tool to outsource tasks and thus reduce the workload of the members of a company. 

It also brings creativity and fresh air to certain processes within an organization, since it offers the possibility of listening to and integrating new ideas. In a more literal translation of the term, when we talk about Crowdsourcing freelance recruiting we are referring to the trend that uses mass collaboration through new technologies to execute a certain project within an organization.

Crowdsourcing: how to work in this modality Crowdsourcing seeks to outsource or delegate tasks to leave them in charge of a large group of people or community. This community, made up of qualified professionals, will present their proposals, ideas and applications. 

Companies that use Crowdsourcing will choose the most suitable people to carry out the different jobs, solve the most complex problems and contribute to the development of the business through new and relevant ideas. 

The objective is to carry out the tasks in a shorter period of time with more efficient results thanks to more manpower and the provision of solutions. In this way, the effort on the part of the client, supplier or company is reduced. The chosen or chosen within a community will see their work rewarded financially, materially or even in employment. Crowdsourcing: Variations One of the best-known variations of Crowdsourcing is Crowdfunding or Collective Financing , which has the objective of seeking financing for very diverse topics. 

Crowdfunding can be aimed at the artistic sector (selling records, books, movies or video games), and also at start-ups or recently created companies seeking alternative financing to improve their businesses and make them grow. In Spain and Latin America it is the most used Crowdsourcing with more than 60 platforms destined to obtain financing.

This would be the best known and most widespread example of collective participation. Although there are others, we could classify as Crowdsourcing those actions that are executed based on collective collaboration for the same purpose. 

It can be the financing, the execution of a job, the making of a film script, etc. People, being anonymous, gain greater confidence to say what they really think about a product or service without worrying that they will be related to what is exposed. Through Crowdsourcing, companies acquire a wide variety of ideas and proposals that can boost the business and achieve high-quality results. People outside the company see the initiatives from another point of view that can change the focus. 

There is a continuous generation of innovative ideas, with the value that this brings to a business organization. Crowdsourcing reduces efforts and costs because the chosen mass will not work as just another employee, they will simply help to carry out certain tasks for a certain reward. Companies can find among the chosen community a truly useful person who will be able to give results for the future. New doors open for future projects.

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