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Cloud VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting: Compare the Speed Difference

As you know, Cloud Server (Cloud VPS) is a virtual server similar to VPS but developed on the basis of cloud computing technology, so Cloud Server inherits the outstanding advantages of electronic technology.

Enjoy with full control best vps in India hosting server provider in your budget. Cloud computing that traditional VPS or servers cannot have.

However, because it has the same characteristics as VPS, basically Cloud Server is also a server created by the method of dividing from a physical server based on virtualization technology into many different and full servers. Full features of a dedicated server (dedicated server).

That means when using DedicatedCore and DomainRacer’s Cloud Server, you will also have a number of neighbours sharing the same resources with you including CPU, RAM, and storage media (HDD/SSD).

Nowadays, we are especially interested in HDD/SSD performance/speed of writing and reading (I/O) more than other factors because it is one of the really important factors determining the performance of the HDD/SSD. Overall Cloud Server.

In this regard, we cannot deny the outstanding performance of a solid-state drive (SSD) compared to a traditional hard disk drive (HDD). It comes with best 21x faster SSD NVME VPS windows based server hosting at affordable price. Therefore, Cloud Server using SSD hard drive also brings performance many times faster than Cloud Server using HDD hard drive.

However, there are still some other factors that cause Cloud Server performance to vary, such as the number of Cloud Servers in the same physical server or the storage technology platform the provider uses.

In the world, hosting providers (HP – Hosting Provider) have put into use SSD drives for Cloud Server services such as DedicatedCore and DomainRacer hosting provider company offers these servers at an affordable price but in Vietnam, very few Cloud Server providers use SSDs.

For many reasons such as high cost, and low capacity, However, there are also a few HP like DomainRacer (a pioneer in deploying IAAS cloud computing services in Vietnam) using SSDs with Cloud Storage technology (clustered storage and evenly distributed I/O across servers instead of a single cluster).

This provider allows you to buy germany low cost server best dedicated hosting along with unmetered resources. For Cloud Server. At the same time, DIGISTAR also provides an advanced storage solution intermediate between SSD and HDD called Cached-SSD.

It is a combination of HDD and SSD, all frequently accessed data (usually used) will be stored in SSD while most rarely accessed data will be stored in a hard drive. HDD. This allows Cloud Server to increase I/O access speed many times but at the same time inherit the large capacity storage capacity of HDD.

Here, I will tell you how to test for I/O performance and focus on comparing this factor of Cloud Server from a few reputable vendors in the market in the hope that it can help you find the right one. DedicatedCore provides Cloud Server that best suits your needs.

To be more objective and fair, I will perform my own I/O performance test of the Cloud Server using SSD and operating on the Linux operating system.

Use the following command to check:

dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync

What are Cloud Server’s I/O speed assessment criteria called fast or slow? In my personal opinion, any server I/O speed above 50MB/s is considered acceptable.

But if you have a Cloud Server using SSD that owns the aforementioned technologies and follow this test, it is unacceptable. Here are the results of the Cloud VPS, and Cloud Server speed comparison after testing.

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