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Braces Colors: How to Pick the Best Braces Color for Your Teeth

You should choose a braces color that you’ll be happy with because some people wear braces for months or even years. The most common colors for braces are red, light blue braces, green, purple, and pink, but you can mix and match to create your color scheme. Check out these tips and consult your orthodontist if you are having trouble choosing the right color for your braces.

What Are The Available Colors Of Braces?

There is a greater selection of braces today than there was in the early days of braces. A braces color wheel contains multiple shades of every color of the rainbow. When it comes to colored braces, you have more options than ever before, from candy apple red to deep maroon to royal light blue braces to pretty teal.

What is the frequency of changing the color of my braces?

Since your orthodontist will tighten your wires at every appointment, you can choose new colors every time. A new color may be applied every four to eight weeks, depending on how often you go to the orthodontist. Therefore, if you don’t like a color, you won’t have to live with it for too long!

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How do you choose the best color for your braces?

Our patients have asked many questions about braces over the years, but one question always arises: What color braces are best for you? Is it a good idea to pick your favorite color? Does your wardrobe need to match them? Are there any upcoming holidays or special events they should coordinate with? Choosing the right braces band color depends on a few factors.

Choosing the Right Color Braces

At each orthodontic appointment, you can choose the best braces color for you based on several factors. Braces can say a lot about you, just like anything else you wear.

You can tell a lot about yourself by the color of your braces

You can tell a lot about yourself through the colors you wear. There are different emotions associated with different colors. It’s not just about the color, it’s about the meaning behind it.

  • Red can represent anger or passion, but it can also represent strength, power, and courage.
  • light blue braces symbolizes calmness, intelligence, and loyalty.
  • Green is often associated with good fortune, harmony, and growth.
  • Orange isn’t just a popular fruit, it is also a popular braces color among enthusiastic and creative people.
  • Purple isn’t just associated with wealth and royalty; it’s also viewed as a mystical color.
  • Yellow is one of the cheeriest colors you can choose.
  • White is often associated with innocence, hope, and purity.
  • Black can convey mourning or power, elegance, and strength.

Choosing Braces Colors: What to Consider

  • You may not be able to choose your braces color as easily as you think, especially with so many options available. If you’re choosing a temporary color for your braces, there are some things you might want to consider!

Whiter teeth with what color braces

  • Diet is important. Your band colors may be stained if you drink a lot of coffee or eat berries. If your teeth aren’t pure white (they probably aren’t), consider their shade of them. Off-color teeth can be caused by some colors. Your teeth will appear whiter if you wear darker colors.When it comes to braces, your complexion is just as important as what you wear. You may not want to wear a certain color on your teeth if you don’t like the way it looks on you.

Braces Color Ideas

Is your next appointment just around the corner and you’re scrambling to pick a color? No worries, we’ve got some ideas to help you choose the right chair.

Favorite Color

Choosing a color you love is an obvious choice! For a smile that makes a statement, choose both of your favorite colors!

Match Your Outfit

Choose braces colors that enhance your style based on what colors are most common in your closet! In adult patients, neutral colors complement any outfit or occasion, closely matching their enamel.

Holidays and Events

Many holidays have signature colors, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas. Matching your braces’ color to an upcoming holiday is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit. In addition, you may want to coordinate the color of your braces with any special occasions, such as weddings or graduations.

Christmas Braces Colors

The festive colors red and green are always a hit at Christmas.

Easter Braces Colors

For a classic Easter look, choose pastel rainbow colors. It’s best to use soft shades of purple, yellow, pink, and light blue braces!

Halloween Braces Colors

Black and orange scream Halloween. However, this spooky season might be the best time to try glow-in-the-dark bands

Your Favorite Sports Team

Wear your favorite team’s colors with your braces to show your team spirit!

Colors that Complement Your Eyes

For brown eyes, green bands make the best braces. Colors such as light blue braces, pink, and lilac complement blue eyes, while purple, red, green, and orange accentuate green eyes.

Seasonal Braces Band Colors

Spring brings pastels, summer brings bright colors and neons, fall brings oranges and reds, and winter brings light blue braces and purples.

Spring Braces Colors

The colors of spring are bright and mimic flowers. There will be a fun spring look to match a floral in pink, purple, green, yellow, and orange colors.

Summer Braces Colors

It’s summertime, which means bright, vivid colors! The summer season is the perfect time to choose bright braces bands.

Autumn Braces Colors

Keep colors neutral with oranges, browns, burgundies, and darker yellows.

Braces Colors That Don’t Stain

A gray or silver color will blend in with metal brackets and won’t show stains as easily.

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Braces Color Combinations

When you can’t decide between two colors, what do you do? Why not do both? That’s right, choose colors that combine both. You may be stumped as to which color to choose for your braces, so here are some popular color combinations:

Braces Colors That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

It is important to choose the right braces color if you want your teeth to appear whiter than they are. You can make your teeth look whiter by wearing darker colors such as black, dark purple, and navy blue. For a brighter appearance, try red or light blue braces if none of these appeal to you.

Neutral colors can sometimes be beneficial. In addition to not making your teeth appear whiter, silver, gray, and clear colored bands also do not draw attention to discolorations. To prevent stains on your teeth and altering the color of your bands, avoid coffee, tea, and dark sodas.

Braces Colors to Avoid

Some colors work better for some people than others. A color that looks great on someone may look disastrous on you. A few colors don’t work well for everyone, so we put together a list of them.

It sounds great to have white braces, but they can turn off-white after drinking and eating certain foods. The bands can also make your teeth appear yellow, since your enamel may not be as white as the bands.

In contrast to your natural teeth color, darker colors like navy blue and dark purple make your teeth look whiter. When it comes to dark colors, however, be careful because dark browns and greens can make your teeth look like they have food stuck in them.

Gold and yellow can enhance the natural yellow of your teeth, making them appear yellower than they are.

There are different colors of teeth for different people. If your teeth have a yellow tint, it is recommended that you wear a clear or silver band. The best way to make your teeth appear even whiter is to choose black if you have a natural white color.

Alternatives to Traditional Metal Braces

Your orthodontist may be able to recommend non-traditional braces if none of these options appeal to you.


Straightening teeth with Invisalign® involves wearing clear aligners, called trays. It is easy to remove the trays for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. To achieve the desired results with Invisalign, it is necessary to wear the trays for at least 22 hours per day.

Invisible Ceramic + Clear Braces

Invisible braces are similar to traditional braces, but the brackets are less noticeable. In contrast to traditional braces, these brackets blend in with the natural color of your teeth, making them more discreet.

The benefits of clear and ceramic braces are similar to those of traditional braces, but they have a less obvious bracket design. Since they are connected by a thin metal wire, the brackets blend in with your teeth’s natural color, so they are more discreet than traditional braces.

The upkeep of braces and practicing good oral hygiene are just as important as choosing the color of your braces! Make sure you avoid certain foods and brush after every meal, making sure you clean your braces well around the brackets. Your dentist and hygienist should also be visited regularly so that your teeth are on track to a healthy smile.

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