2022 Gift Guide for Kids

One of the most exciting tasks of every adult who lives with children is to find gifts for Children’s Day that they like and help them develop. That is why today we share the keys to choosing toys depending on their age. Come list!

Gifts for little ones from 0 to 3 years old

Babies need soft toys, with colors and textures that stimulate their senses, such as teethers, rattles, gyms, dolls and cloth books. At one year old, you can give them toys that promote hand-eye coordination, such as ring towers or string pieces.

When they start to crawl, they will need pull toys. Later, activity tables, because they help them get up safely before their first steps. For both, an excellent gift is thick-leaf books, with flaps and windows to open and be surprised.

When they are three years old, it is time to give those building blocks, role-playing game sets (to imitate everyday life situations) and toys that arouse their curiosity, such as musical instruments or cameras. These could boost your hobbies or profession!

Gifts for 4 and 5 year olds

Welcome to tricycles, training bikes (without training wheels), skates and other mobility toys. They will also start to like more complex block or character puzzles. There are never too many moldable dough’s, finger paints, stickers, crayons and other elements that encourage your creativity. Just make sure nothing is toxic.

Other options are action figures, LEGO minifigures, dolls, trains, costumes, and digital books. And by their fifth birthday, they’ll be ready for educational toys that support literacy and math thinking. Something they love is things made by mom or dad: Try making these easy treats for Children’s Day candy. gift

Gifts for children from 6 to 9

This is the perfect time to encourage sports. Give balls, goals, baskets or bicycles to very active children. If you want them to practice perseverance or concentration, offer puzzles and building blocks with many pieces, as well as science or technology toys, such as paleontology or robotics sets. And to spend time together: board games.

Gifts for children from 10 to 15 years old

Promotes reading in 10-year-olds with adventure books. Although they have more text, they keep the illustrations and the plot grabs them immediately. At 11, an excellent gift is video games. With moderation and pre-established schedules, they provide benefits in their development.

After the age of 12 they will be ready to receive VR glasses, smart watches, digital books and headphones. For 14 and 15-year-olds: drones, portable consoles, and why not? Their first tablet or personal cell phone.

Gifts for children from 16 to 18 years old

Yes. They are still children, although with a defined personality. It’s okay to give them clothing, collectible figures, records, movies, accessories, and technology. Perhaps they like camping, astronomy or singing, so a sleeping bag, telescope or microphone would be ideal for each case.

Gifts for your inner child

We could not forget the child who lives in the adult who is reading. What do you want to give yourself today? Beer mugs, spa set, a seasonal outfit, turntable, sound equipment or a new laptop…

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